‘The Perfect Esrog Mold’ Puts Daled Minim Mochrim Out of Business


Perfect Esrog Mold 24 year old Lakewood Bachur Yaakov Katzberger, has created ‘The Perfect Esrog Mold,’ an invention that is quickly putting many Daled Minim Mochrim out of business. The Perfect Esrog Mold is comprised of a hardened mold of a perfect Esrog (Pitom included), that can slip over any kind of Esrog, eliminating the need to purchase a pricy Esrog, or as Yaakov reports, any Esrog at all. “Most of my customers just stick whatever is lying in their fridge inside the Esrog mold,” says Yaakov, “Sometimes it’s an old lemon or a ripe avocado but others are more Machmir and put in something more connected to Sukkos, such as stuffed cabbage. It’s not my place to suggest what goes inside the mold, I’m just happy I can help ease the burden of those that are financially struggling.”

The Perfect Esrog Mold is also solving a major Halachic issue that has become more prevalent in recent years. It is very common, that after one has spent a considerable amount of time carefully selecting an Esrog, that he will suddenly realize his Esrog possesses a very serious P’sul when he examines it in Shul. Namely, it is only the 2nd nicest Esrog in Shul.

‘The Perfect Esrog Mold’ however, provides an extremely easy and practical solution. “I carry different colors and sizes of the mold,” explains Yaakov, “If a customer buys a few different molds, even if some guy walks into Shul with a larger or nicer Esrog than him, he can merely slip a larger or nicer mold onto his Esrog and instantly transform it back into the nicest Esrog in Shul. There is also an alternative option, which is to buy the Esrog mold with a tiny button installed in the Pitom. As soon as the Esrog mold owner notices an Esrog nicer than his own, he can press the Pitom in the direction of that Esrog and millions of spots will instantly be projected onto the ‘nicer’ Esrog. Fulfilling the Mitzvah of Esrog was never this easy.”