Annual Kollel Campaign to Continue this Coming Summer


We are happy to inform you, that an Annual Kollel Campaign coordinator let us in on the exhilarating news, that the Tent Event will be back this year. The reasons that the event was cancelled for the past few years were finally revealed and are listed below, with a list of solutions;

-In past years, the tent only had enough room for past, current and future (beginning from the 4rth grade) students of BMG. But, Yeshivas Mexican workers and their close (extended) relatives who are no less part of the BMG family, were left out of the fun. Fortunately, this year, Yeshiva was able to rent out Citi Field, and a good part of Mexico is preparing to arrive in Lakewood for this special night.

-Many of the participants have complained that they have not been able to have more than five helpings of food, due to having the bad fortune of getting stuck listening to the long speeches. Therefore, the Yeshiva has decided to broadcast the speeches via live hookup, which would allow anyone to leave whenever they wanted, without causing any disgrace to the speakers.

-The wide variety of food has made some people very intimidated and overwhelmed resulting in poor food selections. To accommodate these people, the core menu for the event will be revealed to the public for the first time (this May), and anyone can request dietary needs and extra courses, by going online to or by joining the twitter thread, #still hungry. Keep in mind, only serious requests will be taken into consideration.