“Until Death Don’t Us Part!”

Wedding- The guests that attended the wedding of an English woman by the name of Dorothy Ford, witnessed a most interesting ceremony. While the bride proclaimed her wedding vows, the groom lay motionless in a horizontal position in front of her. At first, the guests thought the groom was deathly afraid of marriage and had passed out but minutes later the bride calmed everyone down telling them “not to worry, because he’s not deathly afraid, just plain dead.”

Apparently, Dorothy and her peaceful groom William Streat were engaged the year before and sadly William died in a car crash a mere few weeks before their wedding. Williams’s friends began having dreams of William telling them he couldn’t rest until he married Dorothy. Naturally, when his fiancé heard the dream she agreed to marry him and the half lively couple were happily wed.

A week later William appeared to his friends in a disturbed state. Although originally he thought that he had wanted to get married, actual married life was not agreeing with him. Therefore he told them, there was only one practical solution to this issue; To divorce Dorothy.