Learn How to Become a Popular Dish at a Mexican Restaurant with The Burrito Blanket


Burrito BlanketIn our current, turbulent times, people have been unsatisfied with simply being themselves.  Some people have shown interesting urges to be other people, animals and most recently delicious burritos.

To full fill this lifelong dream of these burrito wannabes, a giant tortilla blanket was recently designed. This five-foot wide blanket is great if you want to hide, play pretend or want to lose all your friends. To really get into the experience of becoming part of the Mexican cuisine adjust your blanket and thermostat accordingly. Wrap it firmly around your mouth, both nostrils and set the temperature to 85 degrees. If you prefer to be a lightly roasted burrito, simply turn on the oven.

A disclaimer was sent out to all the purchasers to make sure they are not eaten when wearing their burrito blanket at any Mexican restaurant, Mexican themed birthday party or on Cinco de Mayo.