Comedian, Actor, Scriptwriter/Freelance Writer, Sane…originally

About Tzali.Z

As a young child, Tzali spent his time in class drawing cartoons that bore somewhat of a resemblance to his teachers. Initially, these cartoons were admired by his teachers and fellow students alike. When he eventually learned how to spell and the drawings became more lifelike, he received admiration strictly from his fellow students. Tzali continued his work diligently and quietly at his desk, without recess breaks, outside the classroom door. This lasted throughout his remaining years of English. Shortly after, he celebrated his 14th birthday. For the next few years, his afternoon hours consisted of writing hundreds of papers with the same sentence, usually beginning with the words ‘I will never..’

Presently, as an older child, Tzali works as a freelance writer using the few words he picked up in his brief English education. He has been published in various Jewish weekly magazines, such as; the ‘Mishpacha Magazine,’ the ‘Ami Living,’ the ‘Inyan,’ the ‘Yated’ and ‘The Voice of Lakewood.’

Tzali lives in Lakewood NJ, in the local Starbucks along with his laptop. For reasons still unknown to him, at 10:30 PM the lights are turned off and he is encouraged to leave his home. He can be contacted at



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